To influence the future of hospice, palliative, and advanced illness care through innovation and collaboration, which is achieved through our not-for-profit, mission-driven providers across the United States, delivering patient, family and community-focused care.  


That during the last stages of life, every American experiences exceptional care that matches their goals, values and preferences.

Organizational Excellence

An opportunity for members to build relationships, share best practices and discuss operational challenges through forums, educational resources, and an established member network of the best hospice care delivery organizations in the United States.

Strategic Engagement

An opportunity to engage and educate national thought leaders, decision makers, and health care industry partners on innovations in health care with the goal of removing barriers to improve hospice care delivery and to take the lessons of hospice and apply them earlier in the continuum through innovative care models.

Data Collection & Quality Initiatives

An opportunity to aggregate, benchmark and report data from hospice programs beyond the Medicare requirements to facilitate comparisons across hospices, identify operational best practices, establish publicly-recognized standards for high-quality hospice care, to positively influence hospice trends to ensure accountability, transparency, and more person-centered care.