People Over Profits: A Values-Based Movement for Declining Health

Introducing *People Over Profits — insights into America’s Healthcare Landscape

Explore the experiences and attitudes of the American public, supported by real-life stories from caregivers

Discover what ordinary Americans feel about their healthcare system in this latest blueprint report by NPHI. Enriched by a diverse array of real-life stories from caregivers, this report offers valuable insights and a broad societal snapshot into the challenges and successes within the healthcare landscape.

*Report commissioned in collaboration with Emergence Creative, and generously supported by funding from NPHI’s 100+ members and the Elea Institute

Explore Compelling Data and Real Life Stories

People Over Profits contains multiple First Hand Caregiver Accounts
Digest the research and learn about American perceptions of the healthcare system

Executive Summary

Good Times, Bad Times

The United States healthcare system is facing a reckoning. A set of interconnected social, demographic, medical, and economic forces are radically reshaping how healthcare works—and doesn’t work—in our society. Despite America’s reputation as a world leader in research, innovation, and treatment, health outcomes at the population level are getting worse even as costs soar. The reason for this is not necessarily that people are getting “sicker” or that they are getting “sick” in new ways. Many of the factors that drive high costs and poor outcomes could be managed effectively and efficiently. Instead, our fractured healthcare system often stands in the way of coordinated, comprehensive, human-centered care. Resolving these tensions will require grappling with the experiences and attitudes of the American public—as well as the systemic factors that shape their perceptions. Based on that understanding, community-based, mission-driven organizations can offer a new narrative of what healthcare can and should be.

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