Caregiver Journeys: New Pathways for Support

NPHI’s Caregiver Experience Questionnaire is designed to help hospices identify the most effective ways to support caregivers as they progress through their journey caring for a loved one.

Developed from the NPHI-led study Caregiver Experiences and Perceptions of Declining Health, the questionnaire enables case managers to identify caregivers with one of four archetypes. From there, it recommends service offerings and communication strategies based on each archetype’s specific needs.

What’s In The Tool?

Included in this tool are two versions of the questionnaire – one for caregivers to take, and one for case managers to use to score the completed questionnaire. 

Editable versions are available in Canva for NPHI members who would like to customize the design using their own branding. Upon opening the file in Canva, click the “Notes” button at the bottom left of the screen for instructions on how to edit. Please refrain from modifying the contents of the questions themselves.

Download the Questionnaire

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Visit our Member Portal Dashboard to access Canva questionnaire designs that can be adapted to your organizational branding.

For Caregivers

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For Case Managers 

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