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It’s already June, and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate you – the LGBTQIA+ community! We want to say this clearly to all… Be Yourself Whoever You Are. At NPHI we continue to focus on creating and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and where we respect people for who they are and what matters most to them. Pride Month is an important way to elevate that important message, so to everyone – we wish you a very happy Pride Month! 



The National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) member programs are patient, family and community-focused advanced illness and hospice care providers with expertise and passion for the mission of the highest quality, person and family centered, mission oriented end-of-life care.

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NPHI members contribute strength, leadership, and innovation to the provision of advanced illness and hospice care. Collectively, we leverage our experiences to improve the care experience for all Americans nearing the last stage of life.

Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives

NPHI strongly believes that the long-term benefits of hospice care for an aging population can be advanced through an active and ongoing collaboration between our community of not-for-profits and the federal government.

Regulatory Briefs

Our members can assist policymakers in the development and evaluation of policies that promote quality, safety, and efficiency.

Comment Letters

NPHI provides formal statements, responses, and recommendations to thought leaders, decision-makers and health care stakeholders.

Policy Briefs

NPHI has created a series of briefs to summarize key policy areas that are of interest to our members.

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