NPHI Group Purchasing Organization and Preferred Vendor Program

NPHI continually strives to offer services and programs that provide value to our members. NPHI’s Vendor Programs support our mission and members by offering streamlined and cost-effective access to products and solutions that assist programs in caring for the patients, families, and communities they serve.

Using our collective purchasing power, members have access to benefits through our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and Preferred Vendor Program. Additionally, these programs provide a means to make member dues revenue neutral through the savings gained and generate revenue to further NPHI operations and projects. 

NPHI Group Purchasing Organization

The GPO applies combined purchasing power on a wide variety of products and services which may allow member programs to access pricing at higher volume tiers. 

NPHI Group Purchasing Organization Key Features

  • No cost usage analysis
  • Pick and choose the products and services you’d like to purchase
  • Excellent customer service

NPHI Preferred Vendor Program

The Preferred Vendor Program is a direct service program that aligns and integrates our operations with vendors who have unique competencies to provide members with a competitive advantage.

NPHI Preferred Vendor Key Features

  • Exposes members to new technologies and innovations
  • Reduces operating and acquisition costs as members consider new opportunities and addresses emerging market challenges
  • Provides a forum to facilitate and streamline CRM, product development, and business development for key vendors

NPHI Preferred Vendors

The Preferred Vendor Program does not offer exclusivity. Multiple vendors from the same space may participate in the Preferred Vendor Program with the common goal of mutual, professional respect in support of NPHI member organizations and the patients they serve.

The Preferred Vendor Program is not an endorsement by NPHI of Preferred Vendor’s products or services.