NPHI Provides COVID-19 Policy & Regulatory Update to Members (10.1.20)

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NPHI Provides COVID-19 Policy & Regulatory Update to Members (10.1.20)

NPHI Provides COVID-19 Policy and Regulatory Update to Members (10.1.20)

Today, the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) hosted Dr. Bill Petri, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, University of Virginia, Eric De Jonge, Chief of Geriatrics, Capital Caring Health, and Dr. Cameron Muir, Chief Innovation Officer, NPHI. Non-profit hospice providers continue to face immense challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and its various implications for staffing, operations, and clinical care. Together, these three speakers provided updates to the Partnership’s members regarding COVID-19 projections, testing, and vaccine developments as they relate to end-of-life care issues.

“Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, our members have shown tremendous fortitude in the face of previously unimaginable circumstances” said Tom Koutsoumpas, President & CEO of NPHI. “The opportunity to provide our members with updated information regarding testing, diagnostics, and vaccine developments, from three knowledgeable and seasoned experts, is yet another example of how NPHI is focused on supporting non-profit hospices as they strive to provide the best possible care to their patients.”

The conversation, entitled “NPHI Member Engagement Call: COVID-19 and Policy & Regulatory Updates”, was part of a biweekly series of NPHI-hosted discussions to address today’s pressing topics through engagement with health policy experts, thought leaders, and other innovators.

The discussion aimed at presenting and educating NPHI’s membership on the anticipated increase in COVID-19 cases through the winter, the continued development of innovative and effective diagnostics, and where vaccine development efforts currently stand. The dialogue focused on providing members with real-life examples of testing options and strategies and details on when a potential vaccine may be available. Click here to learn more about this series or how to become an NPHI member.

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