NPHI Provides COVID-19 Stimulus Bill & Clinical Updates to Members (1.7.21)

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NPHI Provides COVID-19 Stimulus Bill & Clinical Updates to Members (1.7.21)

NPHI Provides COVID-19 Stimulus Bill & Clinical Update to Members (1.7.21)

Today, the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) staff led a discussion focused on the recently passed Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021 and offered an update regarding the current status of the pandemic and strategies to handle limited vaccine supply. The meeting began with NPHI Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Cameron Muir providing the members with updated guidance on the expected remaining duration of the pandemic and methods by which members can mitigate the impact of limited access to recently authorized vaccines.

Additionally, NPHI Policy Director, Tzvetomir Gradevski walked the members through the relevant provisions in the CAA which is composed of three distinct sections, approximately $1.4 trillion in 2021 government funding, nearly $900 billion dedicated to COVID-19 relief, and a package of unrelated extensions and other funding measures. Together, these presentations aimed to provide members with the knowledge and expertise necessary to continue combating the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic as effectively as possible.

“Not-for-profit, community-based hospice and palliative care providers continue to deliver extraordinary care to patients and their families despite the raging pandemic and, in the case of some members, a lack of access to vaccines. As the clinical information evolves and Congress passes additional stimulus measures, it is critical for members to remain abreast of significant developments.” said Tom Koutsoumpas, President & CEO of NPHI. “NPHI stands ready to assist members by providing timely analysis of the latest developments, ensuring that providers are best equipped to serve patients in their local service areas.”

The conversation, entitled “NPHI Member Engagement Call: COVID-19 Stimulus Bill”, was part of a biweekly series of NPHI-hosted discussions to address today’s pressing hospice topics through engagement with health policy experts, thought leaders, and other industry innovators.

The discussion aimed at presenting and educating NPHI’s membership on the shifting political landscape in Congress, the impact of recently passed COVID-19 relief on hospice and palliative care providers, and the most up-to-date Coronavirus-related clinical and medical information. Additionally, the dialogue offered attending members the opportunity to communicate with colleagues and NPHI staff on best practices for dealing with ongoing COVID-19 issues. Click here to learn more about this series or how to become an NPHI member.

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