NPHI Expands its Membership by Welcoming Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State

[WASHINGTON D.C.]  November 13, 2023 — The National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) proudly announces the addition of Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State (HPCANYS) to its esteemed national membership of over 100 organizations. HPCANYS, a prominent state organization, marks a significant milestone by becoming the first association to join NPHI — the nation’s largest membership consortium comprising high-quality, not-for-profit advanced illness providers.

Founded in 1980, HPCANYS is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for hospice and palliative care programs throughout the state of New York. Their steadfast mission is to guarantee that individuals dealing with severe illnesses receive a comprehensive range of top-quality care tailored to their preferences, all with the overarching objective of enhancing their overall quality of life. This commitment perfectly aligns with NPHI’s core mission and responsibility.

The state of New York records 41 hospice and palliative care organizations, 39 being not-for-profit organizations—34 of whom belong to HPCANYS and are united by a shared commitment to expanding access to quality end-of-life services for all individuals regardless of ethnic, racial, sexual, or cultural differences.

“NPHI extends a very warm welcome to Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State,” stated Tom Koutsoumpas, NPHI CEO. “Their dedication to ensuring that patients receive care that is aligned with their own values, goals, and preferences is a vision that mirrors our core principles at NPHI. We eagerly look forward to a close collaboration as we collectively tackle the growing challenges faced by not-for-profit hospices across the nation.”

“We are widening our scope of membership by welcoming Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State as NPHI’s first association member,” said Carole Fisher, NPHI President. “As a well-established and highly impactful organization in New York State, we keenly anticipate working closely with them and spearheading efforts to drive meaningful change at both the program and federal levels.”

“On behalf of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State, we are looking forward to collaborating on initiatives with other dedicated NPHI members,” stated HPCANYS President/CEO, Jeanne Chirico. “Patients, families, and community members deserve a holistic approach to care, and we are grateful to be working toward that goal together. Our aligned missions offer the opportunity to exchange ideas, share best practices, and build more advanced models of care for hospice patients and families.”

Cheryl A. Kraus, Director of Policy and Government Relations at HPCANYS, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with NPHI in our shared mission to preserve the integrity of hospice and palliative care. By leveraging our combined expertise and networks, we will be able to better develop and implement strategic government initiatives and promote innovative strategies to shape policy that ensures access to high-quality, compassionate care for all individuals.”

HPCANYS serves as an advocate for allied organizations and individuals who share an interest in the development and expansion of comprehensive end-of-life care services of the highest quality. Membership extends to an array of essential services, spanning advocacy, education, public engagement, communications, peer groups, and regulatory resource assistance — each with an unwavering focus on patients and their families.

As a member of NPHI, HPCANYS will have access to a wide range of services — including being equipped with first-rate provider, patient, and caregiver resources, while enjoying frequent member-wide engagement, in addition to having access to a highly impactful and experienced policy team leading change on Capitol Hill. NPHI serves as a respected voice in advocating for public policy at the federal level and maintains its position as a powerful changemaker in addressing legislative and regulatory matters in Washington. Each NPHI member benefits from that advocacy irrespective of which state their organization is based in.

NPHI looks forward to working closely with HPCANYS and continuing to advocate together will all its members for high-quality, community-based, not-for-profit hospice, palliative, advanced illness care to patients throughout the nation. If you would like to connect with a trusted community-based provider, please visit or call 844-GET-NPHI (438-6744).

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