NPHI Welcomes the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance (TNPHA)

NPHI Welcomes the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance (TNPHA)

The National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI), the national voice for not-for-profit hospice and palliative care providers, welcomes the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance (TNPHA) as a new member.

Established in 1995, members of the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance average more than 30 years of expertise and commitment to the communities they serve. TNPHA currently serves 169 counties in Texas, 39 counties in Arkansas, 44 counties in Ohio, and 9 parishes in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Ohio.

“NPHI is proud to welcome Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance to our member organization,” said Tom Koutsoumpas, NPHI CEO. “TNPHA’s mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the community-based, non-profit model of hospice care coupled with their wide reach of patients served is truly inspiring, and we look forward to having this organization join our efforts.”

Members are united in their shared mission and offer a wide range of services that include medical, emotional, and spiritual support to terminally ill patients. In addition to the unique services TNPHA members offer, members also provide their communities with care in a variety of settings, such as residences, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes

“The Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance is thrilled to be a part of the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation,” said Kirsti Krejs, President and CEO of Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance. “We believe that the non-profit model of care is best able to truly serve our communities, our patients, and their families – we welcome the opportunity to work with other organizations that share this philosophy.”

NPHI looks forward to collaborating with TNPHA and continuing to advocate for high-quality, community-based, not-for-profit hospice, palliative, and advanced illness care to patients throughout the nation.

The National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) is a collaborative of 75+ not-for-profit, community-integrated hospice and palliative care providers dedicated to ensuring patients and their families have access to care that reflects their individual goals, values and preferences. Representing providers from 31 states and the District of Columbia, NPHI and its members help design more innovative and effective models of care, advocate for comprehensive and community-integrated care customized to meet each person’s unique needs, and build collaboration between national thought leaders, decision-makers, and other healthcare stakeholders to improve hospice care. Learn more about NPHI at