The National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) is a collaborative of not-for-profit, community-integrated, hospice and palliative care providers from across the country who play a unique role as a crucial safety net for the sickest, most vulnerable patients in the communities we serve. NPHI members invest heavily in bedside care, provide robust bereavement services, offer psychosocial and spiritual support, and consistently achieve the highest standard of care.

We are driven by the needs of our patients and their families, who set the groundwork for our innovation.

NPHI members are committed to improving upon current best practices in hospice delivery and applying hospice principles throughout the care continuum. NPHI is distinguished through our innovative partnerships aimed to positively impact care for Americans with advancing serious illness. A key focus of NPHI is to stand as leaders in the provision of the highest quality hospice care, to document that leadership through gathering and disseminating data on quality and value, and to set the standard for excellence nationwide.