Meet Our Core Team

At NPHI, we are proud of our team of high-quality experts who bring unique skills enabling us to achieve our mission as the national voice for end-of-life care. Our team is comprised of individuals who provide clinical, policy, communications, administrative, and executive leadership qualities to help NPHI function successfully.

Several of our team members are directly employed by Healthsperien LLC, and are contracted to serve NPHI either in full-time or part-time capacities. In some cases, staff may also engage in other roles at Healthsperien.

Tom Koutsoumpas

Carole Fisher

Larry Atkins
Chief Policy Officer

Jonathan Chew
Administrative Assistant

Beth Kurta
Senior Director of Member Engagement

Margherita Labson
Regulatory & Compliance Director

Debra McCarron
Director of Special Projects

Ethan McChesney
Policy Director

Cameron Muir, M.D.
Chief Innovation Officer

Wendy O’Brien
Finance Coordinator

Stephanie Rogers
Administrative Services Manager

Sarah Sharp
Manager, Center for Education & Vendor Relations

Matt Wilkinson
Communications Manager

Senior Advisors & Loaned Executives

We rely on a variety of external advisors to help us lead the end-of-life care community. Each of these individuals have decades of experience between them, covering many professional settings – enabling them to advise NPHI on all matters related to our work.

Peter Benjamin
Strategic Advisor

Chris Comeaux
Loaned Executive, Teleios Collaborative Network

Steve Cone
Loaned Executive, Capital Caring Health

Annette Kiser
Technical Strategic Advisor

Andrew MacPherson
Senior Strategic Advisor

Mike Milward
Strategic Advisor

Ray Quintero
Senior Strategic Advisor

Tasha Walsh
Loaned Executive, ConnectionsPlus Healthcare + Hospice